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Ellie Nash
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I'm Ellie Nash. I go to DCS. Used to date Sean, now he's an asshole in need of anger management or something. Jay is my alter ego. My other friends are Alex, Ashley, and I guess Paige could be considered a friend. Everything else is in my journal.

jayeeeson: u can't hold out on me, i'm your bad flirting awesome friend jay!
ellisssh: lol says who?
jayeeeson: god!!!!!!!
jayeeeson: damnit!
jayeeeson: haha get it
jayeeeson: god damnit
jayeeeson: anyway

j a y H 9 7 0: HAHAHA
j a y H 9 7 0: bfffffffaeaeae!
j a y H 9 7 0: they totally just..bonded...
j a y H 9 7 0: over.....
j a y H 9 7 0: um
j a y H 9 7 0: they haven't really figured it out yet
j a y H 9 7 0: but we'll see!

j a y H 9 7 0: "i was dating this guy for two months and we decided to have sex. when he pulled down his pants i started to laugh by mistake and he got upset and left."

j a y H 9 7 0: jay and ellie say beotch a lot
SmarterChild: I beg your pardon?
j a y H 9 7 0: do you like smoothies?
SmarterChild: Yeah, I guess I like smoothies. Do you?
j a y H 9 7 0: your girlfriends!

I think someone else should say something fun that I can put here, because Jay is a bitch ass mother fucker. Kay.