Ellie Nash (outcast_ellie) wrote,
Ellie Nash

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I couldn't put up with school today so I left after first period. I've had so many freakin absences this year, it's kind of sad to think that no one's caught on to my skipping yet and gotten me in trouble.
Especially since last year I skipped class like once and got Saturday detention. But let's not go there...

Ugh, I really need to get away from Degrassi for awhile. I'm tired of putting up with drunk mothers and ex-boyfriends and all this other crap. My friends are occupied with other things so I'm thinking I might go stay with my aunt for a few days. Not exactly one of my favorite people but at least I'd be out of this hellhole. Blah, I feel like such an emo shithead. So I'm just gonna go because I'm lame...
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