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Since I've been somewhat antisocial lately Paige made me go to that party with her and Sara. I dunno, there's something about her that I don't like (Sara, not Paige, duh). Anyway I hung out with them for awhile until Paige decided to go get high or something. I was just mingling (that's such a retarded word) and then of course I saw Sean there. Like an idiot I went over to see how he was doing. For awhile we'd at least been on semi speaking terms, and I guess I happened to forget the fact that he has anger management issues or something. But he'd either had a little too much to drink or was just really pissed off. Probably both. The next thing I knew we were fighting. And of course it got back to "Ellie, you kissed my best friend!" So I said something along the lines of "If you weren't such a self-absorbed jerk and actually acknowledged my existence other than as 'the girl you like to make out with' maybe I wouldn't have had to turn to him all the time!" Obviously the wrong thing to say. He looked like he was about to kill someone (namely me) but I guess he was able to restrain himself long enough to walk away. Wonderful party Paige, thanks for the invite. After that lovely ordeal I walked out. I meant to go home but that didn't seem like a great place to be either. So I ended up just walking around for awhile trying to clear my head (and not actually succeeding) and subconsiously ended up by his house. Fucking wonderful. I had to sneak in my house through the back door to avoid my mom, definitely didn't need any mother confrontation after that. You know, you can only stare at the ceiling trying to sort things out for so long before it drives you crazy. Blah, I wish I could sleep.

On the plus side Jay got me a birthday card. It's got a monkey on it, and the monkey's not even having a seizure. How super.
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