Ellie Nash (outcast_ellie) wrote,
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Am I?

-Fun to be around?
-Good looking?
-Your friend?
-Maybe more?
-Easy to get along with?

Random Questions

-If you could give me anything, what would you give?
-What was your first impression of me?
-Has it changed?
-What is my best emotional quality?
-What is my best physical quality?
-You look at me and think?
-Could you ever love me?
-My biggest mistake?
-Your honest opinion of me?

I hung out with Ash the other day. Things are finally getting semi back to normal after all that crap that happened last year... except Sean, who apparently has a bad habit of beating people up, which is completely ridiculous. I think I might need to have a talk with him soon, you know you need some help when you hit a girl over nothing. But I don't think he's exactly stable these days. Maybe a trip to Ms. Sauve should be arranged? Meh, I dunno, sometimes I have to wonder what happened to that guy I fell in love with, because this isn't Sean. Yeah, k, I'm gonna go to sleep or something. Or... not? Blah.
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