Ellie Nash (outcast_ellie) wrote,
Ellie Nash

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My mom ended up staying at my aunt's longer than expected. Not that I'm complaining or anything, but Christmas alone would've sucked. Which is why Jay showed up at my house that morning with a bag of Cheetos and a pile of lame Christmas movies to make fun of. Not a bad way to spend Christmas.

But Mom's back home now and it sucks a lot. New Year's is basically just an excuse to drink, and she definitely took advantage of that. You know you're pathetic when you spend the first day of the new year cleaning up after your drunk mother so that when she wakes up extremely hungover she won't yell at you for making a mess of the house. It really sucks to know I have nowhere to go if worst comes to worst. Ugh, I really miss my friends right about now.

And now I need to go... do something? Um, later.

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