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Smoothies 5 U isn't very fun without Jay there :(. Friday I had to work with some random other employee, and she takes this job waaaay too seriously. It was actually kind of funny to watch her spaz about every little thing that goes into making a smoothie until she started bitching about how I wasn't being precise in my fruit ratios. At least the 12 year old didn't show up.

Yesterday I went to Jay's house to see his hot little brother. I told you I was going to kidnap him ;). So he answered the door when I rang the bell. He got so excited when he found out it was me, it was really cute! I asked him where his mom was and he said she was at work... she'd left a three-year-old by himself. Nice. Apparently she forgot that Jay wasn't there or something. So I told him I'd take him to the park but we were only there for about 5 minutes before we froze our asses off, so instead we went to the movie rental place to pick up some videos. We ended up going over to Sean's because I would've felt really weird being at Jay's house without him there. If only you could've seen Sean's face when I randomly walked into his house with Lil Hogart, it was priceless! He got kind of mad when he realized we couldn't make out with Stevie there (aww poor baby haha) but he warmed up to the kid when he saw his fascination with the motorcycle. Then we settled down to watch none other than Shrek 2. Stevie was like a kid at Christmas throughout the entire movie! I ended up getting him home like right when his mom got there, she was just like "Uhh, yeah, whatever." Fun stuff.

I was forced to work the last shift at Smoothies 5 U today, and it was uber boring since people don't want smoothies at like 9 o' clock. So I was about to fall asleep from the boredom when some stupid fucker comes up and asks for a strawberry banana smoothie. And by stupid fucker I mean Jay Hogart! Who's finally returned from New York! So he worked the last 7 minutes of my shift with me, which was just enough time for us to make ourselves some smoothies. Oh how I missed the smoothie making fun. Jay yay!

Ashley, we need to go bowling! Now beotch! Or... not now, but sometime in the very near future preferably?

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