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Jay and I had to work a really long shift yesterday, which was ok with me considering I haven't really seen the other half of Ellishjay lately. Business was slow for awhile so we decided to invent our own smoothie flavor. It involved throwing basically everything we could find (that was edible of course... and possibly some things that weren't) into a blender. We were afraid to try it because it was brown and smelled kind of funny, but then our boss came and was kind of oblivious and drank it. Holy shit, the look on his face was priceless! I hope that wasn't lethal... anyway, Ash came in just before the end of our shift to "get a smoothie," which means she was really there to see Jay before she had to go to work. So I sat there and flipped through a magazine I had while listening to their lame boyfriend/girlfriend talk for ten minutes. Then a busload of Germans Against Drunk Driving came in and we actually had to work. So by the time we were done with that our shift was over and Ash had left.

And Sunday is officially the worst day of the week. It's like Alex said, you can't do anything since there's school the next day but it's still part of the weekend, which just makes it lame. And since Degrassi isn't exactly the most exciting place to begin with it's just that much worse.

Wow, sorry this entry sucks. I've got nothing to say. Um, actually I've got a lot to say, but it's not really something I want to broadcast to everyone. So yeah... I'm out I guess. Later..
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